Husband and Wife Detective Team work as Bounty Hunters, find Lost Loves 

(Atlanta, GA) January 25, 2007 – Andy and Traici Crutchfield are not your typical bounty hunters; they are a normal husband and wife with a taste for excitement. This crime fighting couple works together solving mysteries, tracking down bail jumpers, finding lost loves, locating dead beat dads, catching cheating spouses, and more!

When it comes to bounty hunting, Andy says, “We have a 98% return rate. We have traveled as far west as Phoenix and as far north as Maine to track down fugitives that no one else could find. We once sat on a house for five days straight! We don’t give up. To us, it is our reputation at stake. The bond may only pay us $1,000, but that means the bondsman stands to lose $10,000. That matters to us.”

Their private eye outfit is called Covert Operations, Inc. and cases have included investigating franchise fraud for TCBY, postage fraud and tampering for Pitney Bowes, cell phone fraud and theft for two major cellular phone companies, death penalty cases, bail enforcement, tracking down probation violators and dead beat dads.

“I once found a guy by locating the registration of his dog with the American Kennel Club. I looked in business license and corporation registrations, health care professionals have to register, dental hygienists…etc. I then just got the idea to check the AKC. I don’t really know why. I am always coming up with ideas of where people might have left there names behind,” chirps Traici, a former interior designer.

“I have found several people who are behind on child support or owe money to someone for something. I have even found a runaway and a woman who kidnapped her children. These are always more difficult, because they are making a conscious effort to hide,” says Andy.

He adds, “The two most important things to find out when looking for a fugitive is what they are driving and any information available about his or her significant other. What they are driving will let you know if they are home before you make a move on the house. Who they are dating gives you two people to track rather than one.”

But it’s not all crooks and liars; this private detective duo also reunites lost loves and missing family members. “Recently, I had a woman hire me to find her husband’s father whom he had never met. I located him and she sent me pictures of the three of them together; this sort of thing happens quite a bit,” Traici smiles.