Do you work off-site or on-site?2017-08-08T05:10:25+00:00

I work both off-site and on-site, depending on the client’s needs.

Are you hiring?2017-08-08T05:08:30+00:00

Not at the present time.

What is your educational background?2017-08-08T05:07:15+00:00

I have a BS in communications from a college that I am ashamed to mention in public, but will provide the info upon request. In addition to my degree, I have taken writing courses from UCLA extension and the AFI.

What is your rate?2017-08-08T05:04:53+00:00

I charge $30 per hour, but I do provide a free consultation.

Did one person do all this work?2017-08-08T05:22:44+00:00

I did all of the writing, and some of the graphics (where noted). I do copywriting, newswriting, scriptwriting, graphic design (jr. level), SEO, social media, marketing, website management, photography and WordPress installations (including this website).